About Summer 2023 Camp

Learn the art of Leadership through Improvisation, Theatre, ComedySportz and Music on an international arena with children from other countries. Participants will explore creativity, teamwork, artistry, listening, humor and expression.

The camp will feature:

1.     Transformational leadership, communication and effective performance training.

2.     A creative learning process and mentorship in Improvisational Theatre.

3.     Musical improvisation training session.

4.     Learning to be funny naturally.

5.     Cultural exchange between the participants.

6.     Adventure tour in host city.

7.     Camping experience with children from other backgrounds.


Leadership: Participants will explore the principles of leadership

Team work: All participants will learn about teamwork and collaboration on stage

Culture Sharing: Participants will work with children from the American community and have a special cultural exchange session

Artistic Training: The camp will give participants first hand training in Improv Theatre and ComedySportz Games

Showcase: Participants will feature in a special Improv Theatre Showcase